Health benefits of Phool Makhana ( Popped Lotus Seeds, Fox nut )

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Health benefits of Phool Makhana ( Popped Lotus Seeds, Fox nut )

Popped Lotus Seeds, Phool Makhana, Fox Nut

Phool makhana is the name given to popped lotus seeds used in Indian cooking. The puffed lotus seed has the bitter centre core and the outer membrane are removed, and is puffed, just as popcorn is puffed.It is a very popular food during the fasting.‘Makhane ki kheer’ is the most popular kheer during fasting.
1.Lotus seeds benefit the spleen, kidney, and heart.
2.The seed also has calming properties that alleviate restlessness, palpitations, and insomnia.
3.It is also rich in calcium. is a highly regarded herb for restoring sexxual vigor and youthful energy in older men.
5.It regulates blood pressure , relieves numbness and aching near waist and knees.
6.It is Suitable for arthritis, helps fighting impotency and premature aging. Makhana is very useful for women during and post pregnancy period.
7.It is also helps your respiratory system, veins and digestion.
8. Ayurveda and Unani (branches of medicine) texts have accepted its aphrodisiac and spermatogenic properties.
9. Popped makhna cotains almost 12% of protein! (excellent especially for vegetarians!)
10. It reverses the aging process over a period of time..



Phool Makhana (Lotus Seed)

Phool Makhana or Makhana Phool is a common food item, it is also known as foxnut, makhana or gorgon plant. Basically phool makhana belongs to a family called ‘lilly’. Lillly is a flowering plant, that produces starchy white seeds and those seeds are purely edible. This plant is generally cultivated in low land areas of Indian, china and Japan.

These countries have been cultivating this plant since many years to get the seeds. This plant is very well ready in its locations with dry and hot summers and even in cold winters. These seeds can be eaten raw, boiled or cooked in Indian cuisine.

Seeds are collected in late summers and before autumn. These seeds are commonly used as fried or roasted, they get popped up like popcorn. Popcorn seeds of makhana are highly used to make several variations while using for sweets and other recipes. It contains, 0.9% phosphorus, 12.8% moisture, 0.1% fat, 76% carbohydrates and 0.5% total minerals.

Phool Makhana is easily available in the market. You can get the several branded packets of phool Makhana. Before buying any packet, carefully check the dates, also check out that product turnover of the store is good enough to purchase any food item.


The seeds of phool makhana are commonly used to make delicious popcorn, in which you can add flavor of your choice like honey, butter, salt, etc.

Phool Makhana is a tremendous curry recipe made by the flower.

It is a very popular food during the fasting.

Snacks made with this are extremely healthy, light and digestible.

Mix little bit of oil and spices to enjoy the yummy, time pass snacks.

‘Makhane ki kheer’ is the most popular kheer or pudding made in ‘Mithila culture’ of Bihar, India, they use it in the cooking during the festivals and offers to the Lord with love and respect.


Phool Makhana has a very good shelf life, you can store them in air tight container for many months.

Keep them away from the moisture and direct sun light.


The seeds of makhana are highly used in Ayurvedic preparations.

It helps in increasing the quality and quantity of semen, also prevents the premature ejaculation, increases the libido and also helps in female infertility.

Herbs of phool makhana are considered worth in vajikarnana therapy.

Seeds contains aphrodisiac properties,.

Makhana helps in Cardiac Protection and builds the action in dysentery and frequent urination.

Makhana is an anti-oxidant food item.

It can be easily digested by all the age groups.

Phool makhana has astringent property, hence it gives relief from diarrhea and helps to improve the appetite.

Merely 25 to 30 grams phool makhana is considered as a healthy food/diet for the whole family.

Makhana helps in regulating the blood pressure, it also relieves from numbness and aching near waist and knees.

This food item is extremely suitable for arthritis, impotence and premature aging .

Phool makhana is sweet to neutral in nature. Therefore, helps to detoxify the spleen, reinforce the kidneys and nourish the blood.

It is also used for treating the insomnia, palpitations and irritability.

Phool makhana is highly recommended for the women during pregnancy and post natal weaknesses.

Anti – aging : Fox nuts are rich in antioxidants which works as age lock system and makes us younger for much longer .Fox nuts are effective for individuals with high risk of premature ageing, premature white hairs ,wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Diabetes – 
Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, which is accompanied by high blood glucose levels. It is a result of improper functioning of the pancreas, which secretes the insulin hormone. Fox nut is a sweet and sour seed These seeds contain starch and protein which is excellent for diabetes .

Fox nut in alternative medicine –
According to principles of traditional Chinese medicine fox nut is used to strengthen spleen and kidneys. Makhana helps in conditions like arthritis, erectile dysfunction and premature aging. These seeds have antioxidant properties and help in digestion, rejuvenates respiratory system and prevents frequent urination.

 Popped Lotus

Health Benefits and Therapeutic Uses of Popped Lotus Seeds

Lotus seeds are popular for their nutritional benefits and healing properties. They are commonly used in Chinese medications and also in various recipes.

  • Lotus seeds contain L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase, an enzyme with anti-ageing properties. It is known to help in repairing damaged proteins.
  • The seeds contain kaempferol, a flavonoid known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to help in repairing aging gum tissue.
  • The astringent properties of lotus seeds make them beneficial for the kidneys. They help to regulate the energy levels of the body.
  • Some studies indicate that lotus seeds may be used to treat various sexual conditions.
  • Lotus seeds are used in Chinese medicine to relieve the problem of diarrhea. They are also used to improve the health of the spleen.
  • Traditionally, lotus seeds were used to treat people with sleeping disorders such as insomnia. They are also known to be effective in alleviating restlessness. This is due to the natural sedative and calming effects of the seeds.
  • The center of the lotus seed is known to be beneficial for the heart due to its cooling properties. The bitterness of the seeds comes from isoquinoline alkaloids which are believed to induce a calming effect and are also anti-spasmodic in nature. They cause dilation of the blood vessels and thus help in controlling blood pressure levels.
  • Some medicinal researchers believe that lotus seeds help to strengthen the digestive process and relieve diarrhea.
  • The seeds are sometimes combined with other herbs in order to treat urinary ailments such as prostatitis and reproductive diseases. However it is advisable to consult a doctor before using any natural remedies such as lotus seeds.




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